January 5 – March 3,  2018 at Samata Holistic Retreat in Goa, India

Through this training, we will receive tools for increasing awareness, empowerment, expression, body communication and energy.  We will practice disciplined techniques to harness feminine power and create an embodied experience of this inner work. We cultivate softness and strength, we cleanse the heart, we strengthen the body, and we practice devotional movement.  Through the unique fusion of structured improvisation with precise physical training, we enter into  a collective experience of awareness, pleasure and fully expressed divine womanhood. We taste the exquisite possibilities of what life on earth could look like as we open to our untapped potential. The intention of this immersion is to empower women in body, heart, voice and spirit to become powerful vessels of divine expression.

Through rigorous training in various ancient traditional dance lineages fused with contemporary movement science and powerful tools to free the body, we receive important forgotten tools from the past, while experiencing an evolutionary system which addresses contemporary needs of women in today’s world.

If you feel the call, you will feel it…!  We welcome you 🙂 

A meeting of sacred tradition, contemporary movement awareness and cutting edge holistic practice dedicated to the empowerment of women worldwide. This is a call for women to return to the temple and to remember the sacredness of their bodies and the power of their expression.

This is an exceptional opportunity to study with Zola Dubnikova and  guest teachers for two months following a structured and comprehensive program. No previous formal dance training is required although it is always helpful and welcomed.

8-week, 270-hour intensive training in healing aspects, ritual sequences & advanced practices of the Holistic Dance Language & Mystery School Curriculum includes:

-Life-enhancing daily practices of the Holistic Dance Language curriculum
-Immersion into Sufi meditation, practice and philosophy, Sacred Feminine Teachings, Sexual Alchemy, Tao Tantric Arts, Jade Egg practices, Sound Alchemy, Kumbhaka & Transfiguration
-3 Initiation ceremonies
-Training for Ritual Sequences, Mudra syllabus and corresponding Bija
-Dance medicine & applications of Zola’s unique healing practices
-Improvisational dance practice & development
-Ancestors Practices, Earth Practices, Divine Mother Practices & Self-Care practices
-Teachings on the Sacred Geometry of our body
-Artistic & prayerformance development, ritual creation
-Specialised training in: Sufi ritual & whirling, Odissi Temple Dance practices, Balinese Temple Dance practices, Indo-Persian dance technique & dances of the Romani Trail
-Weekly instruction in frame drum technique
-Lectures on Sufi philosophy, Temple Dance Lineages & Priestess Traditions across time & worlds
-Cultivation of our Sangha – tools for deepening community and sisterhood
-Final Ritual Offering & Ceremony

Guest teachers :
Ben Dagovitch – (Israel) frame drum technique
Akash Dharmaraj – (India ) teachings of Gurdjieff, Sufi philosophy & practices of the Fourth way

Ritual Performance & Final Offering: 
There will be a beautiful opportunity at the end of the full program for students to share themselves, their inner dance and the material learnt during the training as an offering and prayer for the empowerment of women worldwide. This is a highlight of the mystery school but it is not required for those who wish to make their final offerings in an alternate way.

When we do the practices of this work together on a daily basis, we begin to feel a new way of life emerging from which we would never wish to return. Combined with dietary awareness, sustainable lifestyle, strong physical practice, transformative spiritual discipline, and supported by a hand-selected core support team and guest teachers, within a circle of powerful women gathered from around the world, we co-create a recipe for deep evolution. 

The curriculum and schedule are designed to support committed and passionate students who wish to deeply develop themselves and complete the entire two-month immersion with Zola and our special faculty. We have limited spaces so students who feel the call to participate are encouraged to apply soon. We offer certificates upon completion of the full mystery school program for those students who fulfil all required commitments, yet it should also be noted that this is not a teacher training. 



Monday – Friday:
09:40 –  09:45      Arrival
09:45 – 10:00       Silent Meditation
10:00 – 13:30       Morning session
13:30 – 16:00       Shared organic catered lunch, swimming, integration and rest
16:00 – 18/19:00  Afternoon session (4 days per week)
20:00 – 21:30       Evening session (1 – 2x per week)

*Please note organization of hours may vary week to week
**When we are preparing for our ritual offering, hours may increase for a short period of time
*** Zola and/or her main assistant will be available on a weekly basis for individual consultations/check-ins

It is highly recommended to come to India several days before the course begins to give you time to settle, organize your logistical needs, and get acquainted with the area.

We are very blessed to run our course at the exquisite Samata Retreat Center, a sought-after luxury holistic centre in the Heart of India, located in a peaceful village setting 3 km inland from Arambol in the Northern most part of Goa. Featuring the most extensive healing center in the area,  at Samata we have access to a wide spectrum of healing therapies including: Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, as well a range of body work and massage. Although students often don’t wish to take on any extra classes during the training, next to our sanctuary, also on Samata property, we have a wonderful yoga where daily classes run before & after our training. Additionally, Samata hosts the largest organic permaculture gardens in the area.  Our lunch meal is largely sourced from their amazing garden, and many students also choose to buy their personal organic produce at the Samata garden.  A perfect haven for self-reflection and relaxation, the property where our retreat is held features an exquisite salt water swimming pool to refresh and rejuvenate. Samata is a non-profit organization, and 100 percent of the money received by Samata goes towards their humanitarian, and ecological mission: http://www.dunagiri.org ,  Details about the venue can be found here: www.samatagoa.com

This is a non-residential retreat so accommodation is not included. There is an option to stay at Samata Holistic Retreat, or to rent a room or apartment close by.
Once registration is confirmed, we will put you in contact with our housing management support team, who can help you find a home before you land.

We serve a delicious, organic, gluten free and alkaline lunch 4 days per week, which is included in the course fee, so that you can relax at the centre during breaks and enjoy the pool in between classes.  Other meals are not included within the tuition fee.

8 week Mystery School – 3,600 Euros
Early Bird Price (available for those who register on or before August 30, 2017) – 3,300 Euros

A limited amount of scholarships will be available for prospective students to attend at a discounted rate in exchange for karma yoga work.
Please contact Kristiina: holisticdanceindia@gmail.com to request a special application for this.

Every prospective student must submit an application with a deposit payment of 500 Euros to secure your place in the course. Upon receiving your application and deposit payment we will confirm via email.  If we decide that for some reason you are not eligible to attend, your deposit will be returned.

If Zola accepts a student for participation in the course, the deposit will be held in reserve and the full remaining balance must be paid at least one month prior to the course start date (December 1st). Deposits are non-refundable for accepted students.

Please contact Kristiina: holisticdanceindia@gmail.com for more info and to receive an application/registration form.

Every year we invite a photographer and a video artist who wishes to participate in the training in exchange for a small stipend and free entry.  She is able to attend all offerings, yet she would not be able to participate in some of the practices and training when documentation would be needed. Please contact Joy if you would like to apply as a Photographer: holisticdanceindia@gmail.com

El Shaddai Orphanage:
In addition to the training & experience offered through our Mystery School curriculum, Zola volunteers at El Shaddai orphanage to teach dance & basic practices of our curriculum to a wonderful group of young girls.  At the end of our training, some students from our Mystery School who wish to take part, co-create an event where all of the girls join us for an afternoon of activities, catered dinner and offer a joint performance which the women of our Mystery School co-create. This community event also serves as a fundraiser for the girls to support them in receiving all of the care they require. (optional)

Getting there:
By Air: Book your flight to the Goa Dabolim Airport (GOI). The Retreat Center, Samata, is 1.5 hour drive from the airport.
TAXIS : Taxis are readily available at all airports, train stations, and bus stations.  Upon request a pre-booked taxi can pick you up at the airport.

This winter immersion represents the planting of a seed – the opening of a ecological, sustainably-modeled Institute of sacred dance & related holistic arts, for which we are now searching for an accurate location. Yet, the model of this program, in which we practice the holistic dance language within a community, as part of a sustainable lifestyle, begins to look like the seeds for a dream envisioned long, long ago …

Short documentary clip about Zola & the Holistic Dance Language.

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