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Temple of Dance Israel is located in the mountain village of Zichron Yaakov, a 50 minute train-ride from Tel aviv and a 25 minute drive from Haifa.    At Temple of Dance Israel, Zola offers Intensive weekly courses, special workshops,dance meetings for El Ha’Ela Ritual Dance Ensemble, &  unique events with guest teachers.  She also offers personal, semi-private and Skype lessons.  Please CONTACT Zola for further inquiries.

Schedule ~ Temple of Dance Israel


Temple of Dance Israel resumes courses in May!
May 1 – July 3, 2018
Dance meetings will take place every Every Tuesday (yom shlee-shee) between May 1 – July 3, from 10 am – 2 pm  in ZIchron Ya’aqov

Weekly Intensive Course is a special opportunity for women who are able to *commit* to a weekly experience into the holistic dance language through deepened immersion.  Once a week we gather to learn the foundations of the curriculum – we learn the holistic dance language vocabulary, participate in healing movement practice, and  physical/spiritual training.  This work focuses on the inner healing aspects of the work, which is why we create a closed circle, where a foundation of trust may develop between all present.

Please contact Yehela for more info, regarding all courses offered in Israel :
053 520 2155  (m.)

8 meeting series in Zichron Ya’aqov
Tuesdays (yom shlee shee) from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Weekly 4 hour meeting includes:

-opening ritual circle
-seated and movement meditation
-earth/grounding practices
-healing work
-energetic practices
-heart-opening practices

-pelvis-releasing practices
-womb healing and empowerment
-development of subtle expression, body language and communication
-deep physical training
-ritual sequences
-jedi training for contemporary women
-medicine movement drawn across time and worlds
-exposure into different cultural dance languages including: Sufi whirling, Cygani (gypsy), Indian & Balinese Temple dance, Indo-Persian & beyond
-mudra Development
-cultivation of life practices 

*Pre-registration is required for all experiences

Maqamat, Academy of Eastern Music Dance Program
I am also happy to share that in the mystical city of Tzfat,  I have been invited to join a wonderful faculty of teachers at an esteemed music school, Maqamat, Academy of Eastern Music, to help develop a new* dance department!  When I return from my winter travels, there will be a closed group for my course there: Ritual, Dance Medicine & Sacred Dance for Women 

For more info, please contact:  Gaya: Galshimone@gmail.com

*Pre-registration is required for all experiences*


                                                              SCHEDULE – Upcoming Special Workshops in Israel:

Special workshops are sometimes scheduled in Israel.  To join the Israel newsletter, and to be informed about events taking place in Israel, please contact Yehela ~ temple.of.dance.israel@gmail.com  053 520 2155  (m.)

Recommended especially for those most interested in the therapeutic benefits of the curriculum, those who have injuries which make it difficult to participate in group experiences, or those who simply wish for individualised attention To schedule, please CONTACT us

Organizers who wish to arrange special workshops, retreats or events , this is a wonderful way to experience the work more deeply for communities who may live too far to travel to Zichron Ya’akov on a weekly basis.  Zola has offered workshops all over Israel, from the deserts of the South, to magical Tzfat and beyond.  She has been a featured teacher at festivals including the Sufi Festival, BodyWays Festival, Festival Nataraj, La Indiga Festival, Zorba festival and more.  For more information please inquire HERE

For those interested to go deeper and to prepare for ritual performance offerings or to join the El Ha E’la Ritual Dance Ensemble, please inquire.