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Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” ~Martha Graham


A traveller across many lands, Zola’s inspiration draws from mystical dance traditions across cultures, her “inner” voice and her vivid dreams. Zola’s dances are rooted by a reverence of the natural world, awe of  the mysterious forces of life, respect for the ancestors, personal practice & devotion.

Zola is strongly influenced by the Classical Odissi Temple Dance lineage of Ancient India, Indo-Persian Temple Dances, Balinese Temple Dance, Classical Persian Dance, Dances of the Silk Road, Dances of the Cygani Trail ( across Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Rajastan and Eastern Europe), flamenco, the whirling rituals of Sufi dervishes, contemporary sacred expression and tribal fusion language. But beyond these names, she strives to find the common thread, the heart of the dance, the movement language that reaches beyond borders to join and empower people.

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