Visions of the Ayala

For many weeks I am being flooded with visions of deer, dreams of deer woman priestesses, and experiences in the forest with the ayala (deer). This is definitely coming through in all kinds of ways, but finally for the past week I obsessively work on the concept for a...

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El Ha’Ela

Today shivers in my spine anticipating my visions of long ago starting to take root, as the full moon rises into the sky - “We” - the growing network of women across many worlds, heralding in the new era, spreading an essential message for the people of our time… We...

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My Sister From Another Mother

I dream I walk the earth Until the souls of my feet Become hard like shoes Soul of my soul can open hearts And awaken dreams I dream of a gypsy woman Whose eyes awaken the Fire in the belly The shadows dance in the firelight The ancestors descend Eyes dark and deep...

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Return to the Temple

This dance is a prayer. A prayer for the earth, and therefore a prayer for women. This is a call for women to know and believe in the holiness of their bodies, the sacredness of their dance, and the power of their voice. A prayer for all women who do not express...

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