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“The dancer of the future will not belong to any nation but to all humanity” -Isadora Duncan


Return to the Temple

Dance, video art, expression and story to bring voice to All women.


El Ha’Ela Ritual Dance Ensemble

An ensemble of female visionaries, musicians, dancers and storytellers offering ritual prayer-formance for a collective vision of a peaceful, united world.  Through the dance we “re-member” our immense power as women. We perform ritual movement prayer through the arts of dance and beyond, to bring our light, compassion and gifts to the world.



A Film project produced by Estas Tonne and filmed by Giedrius Dagys, documenting a taste of the Holistic Dance Language practices developed by Zola Dubnikova. With thanks to the exceptional women who agreed to be filmed during these deep, meditative practices we were able to represent a small glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors to guide women in remembering the sacredness of their bodies and the power of their expression. Set to the track “Roots” by Estas Tonne, recorded for Zola in 2012 . Expected release : 2016

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Fire Ritual

dance & ritual using the powerful, sacred, element of fire



Fusion of Sacred contemporary dance and ancient mystical tradition “so we may remember”


The Journey

Ritual perfromance fused with audience-participatory meditations & live music


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Please note: Zola’s performance projects may be presented as a solo offering, or with an ensemble of professional dancers. Venues include theaters, universities, cultural events, music events, festivals, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and private high-end occasions. She works with a variety of incredible musicians and can happily recommend a large variety of musicians/groups . Musicians who can be hired include: Classical Indian, Persian, Sufi, Fusion, ELectronic, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Gypsy, Klezmer, Balkan, Bukhara and more. She works with all female ensembles, arab-Jewish musical alliance groups, sacred music groups, highly skilled fire artists and more. She works with sponsors in collaboration to bring the best selection of music and performance for any event. For Upcoming events, please press HERE 

To book an event in your country, please CONTACT us with your idea and request.

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