shivers in my spine
anticipating my visions of long ago starting to take root,
as the full moon rises into the sky –

“We” – the growing network of women across many worlds, heralding in the new era, spreading an essential message for the people of our time… We share this message not only through our words and voices, but through the power of our eyes and the language of our bodies. We dance the ever-evolving language that exists beyond words, the dance that exists beyond the walls of time, and beyond the separation of borders… We carry a message of remembrance. A message of the deep power of gentleness, a remembrance of the potent strength of softness . It is time for the mysterious non-linear force of feminine power which has been so deeply repressed in our global story, to return.
This is our message and this is her message. The language of the goddess is everywhere and it is inside us. We are moving towards her, slowly, slowly. Learning to feel her as we remember our inner rhythm, our natural intuition, our innate healing power. When we remember her, when we remember ourselves, she is inside and everywhere.

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