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D e e p e r  V i s i o n 

“When women thrive, communities thrive”

After seeing the ways in which women can be disenfranchised from their personal power and divinity in so many ways in many parts of the world, Zola is particularly devoted to using healing forms of dance to uplift women, heal their wounds, and reconnect them to their divine source. The deeper manifestation of this vision will be the opening of an Institute of Sacred Dance, dedicated to the meeting of sacred tradition, contemporary movement awareness and cutting edge holistic practice dedicated to the empowerment of women worldwide.







Artists, visionaries, innovators, movement educators, vocalists, musicians, ritualists and teachers of many kinds will come together from the global community to share as well as to create new pathways together through sacred dance, expressive practice, holistic movement, and related arts to provide the ground for a new paradigm of movement alchemy. Some courses will also invite the participation of men or be offered by men, as the goal is to create more balance between the masculine and feminine, not to exclude men.



Inherent in the philosophy of the Institute for Sacred Dance, will be the inseparable relationship between health (or healing) and dance. Holistic Movement Education and practice will be of equal importance to proficiency in technique and goal-oriented process. Empowering women in body, heart, voice and spirit to become vessels of divine powerful expression, is the primary goal within the school. The school will also provide the important function of preserving ancient traditional wisdom at risk of being lost forever, while applying such powerful tools to contemporary need through ‘embodied’ practice. Rigorous training in various ancient traditional dance lineages fused with contemporary movement science and powerful tools to free the body for enhanced self-expression, is the schools special recipe to deepen a collective experience of awareness, pleasure and fully expressed divine womanhood. The body of knowledge re-kindled and developed in this school will be used to bridge worlds, empower women globally, promote peace between nations and deconstruct prejudices among people of different backgrounds. Scholarships will be available to women for whom the immense education provided at the school would not otherwise be available. Both Residential immersion and daily courses will be available. Different types of courses will be provided to women with little or no dance training as well as women who are pursuing a professional level of dance training.

If you would like to DONATE financially or otherwise, we will be happy to receive your gifts, or to hear from you. We are raising money to create a documentary film about the holistic dance language and we are also searching for the site for our envisioned school/temple. Video artists, business-minded individuals, and co-creators who are interested to be part of these projects, WELCOME 🙂

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