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If you would like to donate, financially or otherwise, we will be happy to receive your gifts, or to hear from you.

Right now, we are raising money to create two documentary films about : 1) the holistic dance language developed by Zola Dubnikova and 2) “Return to the Temple” – a project representing the “voices” and visions of women across worlds, to uplift the feminine forces on earth.

We are also searching for the site for our envisioned school/tempe for our yearly winter residential immersions, for which there will be many costs involved. We envision this school to be open for those who have the financial means to attend our programs, as well as to provide scholarships for those who would not otherwise be able to participate. Video artists, business-minded individuals, permaculture designers, sustainably-minded architects and especially financial backers who are interested to be part of these projects, you are WELCOME 🙂

Those who are able to donate money, your gifts are greatly appreciated, and go toward manifesting projects intended to make the world a more sustainable, more harmonious place to be

Thank you

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