Rutual Offerings

A l c h e m y s t i c  D a n c e  J o u r n e y
A dance journey contemporary body science, movement energetics, breath, ritual, and mystical eastern dance practices drawn across time fusing and worlds. This healing experience opens the heart, releases the pelvis, strengthens the core, roots the feet and moves the soul. We dance the trance of release, letting go of what we don’t want to hold in the body; we build inner softness & strength; we listen to our inner voice; we take a journey together to build inner power & release the body toward deeper freedom. We learn a powerful vocabulary of movement, based on the unique “holistic dance language” developed by Zola Dubnikova. Between ethereal melodies and deep trance-y beats, the mystic ancient and the present moment merge across time & worlds in a powerful experience for body & spirit.

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