“The Hidden Languages of the Soul”

“Once touched by the grace of your Divine Beauty a woman will never walk, see, feel, be the same way. You led me back home, back to my truth, the truth of our mothers, our grandmothers, and all the women before, the truth of the Sacred Feminine.”

Lonetta Vida, (Romania)

“The art of reincarnating in the same body” … I read it somewhere, and I feel this phrase represents exactly what we experience the last days, during this magical Alchemystic Dance journey, guided by Zola Dubnikova… a beautiful soul & powerful Priestess of the New Era.”

Areti Karantzikou, Crete (Greece)

My personal experience from this workshop is very very powerful and amazing!! In the first few weeks after the workshop i couldn’t even put it into words. I was feeling so alive and cried tears of happiness. It was so soul-nourishing, heart-warming and beautiful to dance and get instructed by Zola”

Aisha La Luke (Germany)

About Zola

Zola Dubnikova bridges sacred dance, movement medicine, contemporary body science, masterful form, somatic awareness and ritual through her unique approach which she calls the “Holistic Dance Language.”  Her extensive background fused with absolute devotion to the pursuit of dance as an ecstatic, spiritual experience, has birthed a unique style of both teaching & performing – which truly embodies the marriage between form and spirit. Trained extensively in contemporary dance forms and healing arts as well as Odissi Temple Dance Tradition, Sufi tradition, Mevlana whirling practices, Dances of the Silk Road , the gypsy trails and beyond, her style brings forth the wisdom of ancient dance ritual through a holistic lense intended to guide more people in accessing their divine capabilities. Zola offers courses at her school: Temple of Dance Israel, directs the El Ha’Ela Ritual Dance Ensemble and travels often throughout the world to give seminars, offer workshops and guide experiences.


: . Temple Arts Initiation & Mystery School . :

We are planting the seeds to open our own temple and school, yet in the meantime, an intensive retreat provides opportunity to practice the foundations of the holistic dance language curriculum in the format of daily practice. When we practice together every day, we begin to feel these unique practices as a way of life, rather than a beautiful workshop that we experience for just a few hours per week or an intensive weekend. Combined with dietary awareness, sustainable lifestyle, strong physical practice, transformative spiritual discipline, and supported by a hand-selected core faculty of visionaries within a supportive circle of powerful women gathered from around the world, we co-create a recipe for deep evolution.  December 2016 – February 2017, our yearly deeper immersion takes place in INDIA.


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